Vinyl & Self Adhesive Sticker


Vinyl & Self Adhesive Sticker Printing


We, Classic Digital India are the leading digital printing service provider to offer effective vinyl or self-adhesive sticker printing services. Here you can explore the wide range of sticker printer solutions based on our customer needs and requirements. Through our service, you can let your customer recognize your business and reach your target customers easily. Here we offer a 100% successful solution.


Those who have to look for the best vinyl printing can hire this digital printing service provider without any hesitation. The features of vinyl printing are self-adhesive, custom design, convenient application, useful for multiple surfaces and bright text and graphics.

Black Back Vinyl

It is always better to hire a professionally skilled digital printing service provider to get black back vinyl. Here the experts will follow the right procedure and meet your expectations without fail. The black back vinyl can be suitable for all premium organizations, interior decorator services, and branded designer companies.

Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl is the permanent adhesive vinyl that is suitable for signs, decals, vehicle lettering, glassware and much more. Its extraordinary reputation, ease of weeding and cutting has made it a highly preferable digital printing product among crafters and makers.

Frost Vinyl

Frost vinyl is the opal etched glass effect that is the best choice for glass manifestation. The self-adhesive window film from frost vinyl is versatile and useful for creating unique effects by printing on material. It can also be useful for total-coverage architectural applications.

One Way Vision

One way vision can offer a graphic game outside and still, they are visible from the interior. It can be possible through its micro-perforated material and hence you explore the image from the exterior. Viewers can only able to see the graphic image but you can see everything outside.

Re-writable Vinyl

The re-writable vinyl is the best product that can be useful from home to organisation and pantry to the playroom. It lets you create custom labels. Without any cutting mat, this kind of crafting material will effectively work. Get help from a digital printing service provider to get this product.

Auto Glow

Auto glow can be useful for night glow safety signs, first aid safety signs, fire extinguisher safety signage, and exit & entry safety. To enhance your safety, here you can get in touch with our digital printing service provider and get everything now.


Radium printing can be the right choice to let your business be recognized by a wide range of audiences. You can take your time to consider your business needs and also how these providers will suit your marketplace start-ups. Our digital printing service provider lets you grab your customer’s attention on your business without fail.

3D Vinyl

The 3D vinyl is the highly preferred option which is entirely the best choice for your business promotion. Most significantly, this platform provides a basic facility to advertise your process. Even though it comes with less analytics and comprehensive features, it will perform well for your small business.


The sparkle printing makes use of a dense specialty finish that adds pop, elegance and glitter in any colour to various printed pieces. It can be useful for credit cards, gift cards, retail POP displays, packages, greeting cards and book covers. This platform includes better pricing options for extra features including customization, reporting and much more.

Print & Cut

Print and cut is the product option that can let you print your required designs through digital printing and then cut around it. If you are having a design or element set to print and cut, then the service provider will send it to the home printer first and then cut it.

Customized Wall Papers & Wall Graphics

Those who want to project your business ideas innovatively for your customers, then you can make use of customised wallpapers & wall graphics. You can advertise everything with these products. Here our digital printing service can let you get the best customised wallpapers & wall graphics.